Safe songs for School Dances: The Responsible DJ’s Top 30

Posted: May 12, 2010 in School Dances
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Schools that are struggling with lyrically appropriate music being played at their school dances can trust this list to be the hottest dance music that is safe to play.  It is compiled weekly for you, so you don’t have to review and screen every song that comes out.  We’ve done it for you.  You can give this list to your DJ with instructions to play only songs from the list and know that you will be safe.  If you want the current list each week automatically delivered to your computer simply subscribe to the RSS feed and bingo….you got it.  I encourage you to pass this along to other administrators and schools in y our district.

Artist                                             Title                                      Featuring                   Note

1 B.O.B. Nothing on you Bruno Mars
2 Tao Cruz Break Your Heart Ludacris
3 Jason Derula In My Head
4 Black Eyed Peas Imma Be
5 Jay-Z Young Forever Mr. Hudson Play edit
6 Ke$ha Your Love is my Drug
7 Usher OMG Will I am
8 Eennie Meenie Sean Kingston-Justin Beeber
9 Lady Gaga Alajandro
10 B.O.B Airplanes Hayley Williams Play Edit
11 Travie McCoy Billionaire Bruno Mars
12 Black Eyed Peas Rock That Body
13 Solo Iyaz
14 Naturally Selena Gomez & The Scene
15 Mike Posner Cooler Than Me
16 Trey Songz Say Aah
17 Justin Bieber Baby Ludacris
18 Lady Gaga Bad Romance
19 David Guetta Getting Over You Fergie & LMFAO
20 LaRoux Bulletproof
21 Timberland If We ever Meet again Katy Perry
22 I Made It (Cash Money Heros) Kevin Rudolf Play edit
23 Drake Find your Love
24 Justin Bieber Somebody to Love
25 Timberland Carry Out Justin Timberlake
26 Ke$ha Tic Toc
27 3OH!3 My First Kiss Ke$ha
28 Christina Aguilera Not Myself Tonight Play edit
29 Katy Perry California Gurls Snoop Dog
30 Enrique Iglesias I Like It Pitbull
  1. brian "boss" austin says:

    Say Ah is about taking shots…i.e. Liquor shots….I would NOT play this for under-agers.

    • Drinking songs are yet another issue….and you have a great point. Honestly the line can change from school to school depending on the administration. This is not an exact science here, it will alway get down to the judgment of the DJ based on his input from the client and his own best judgement. With this list I hope to provide some guidelines and guidance…knowing that when it gets right down to it you must make the call.

      I figure there have been songs with liquor references dating back to Dean Martin and the boys, that have been played for all audiences. You are absolutely right though…there are those who would violently object to it. That’s when you gotta go with the gut!

    • michael fort says:

      Careful on Tic Tok as well. mentions Patron and other specific liquors and mention getting Tiiipsy. Great tune though! Thanks for the list Ric

      • Teen drinking is a huge issue. I may need to think about a tighter screen on songs with drinking as we move ahead. Thanks for the input. I’d love to hear comments from administrators on this issue to get a better feel.

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