Top 10 songs not to play at prom

Posted: May 17, 2010 in School Dances

I got a lot of great interest and reaction to the Top 30 songs list.  I am planning to make that a permanent feature on this blog, so you can come back week after week for the latest updates.  Your comments, input and yes, even criticism are welcome and encouraged.

Now let’s take a look at some of the songs that are best left at home on prom night. I’ve listed the top 10, but this is by far not a complete list.  There are tons more songs that should not be played to keep the peace with administrators. For a more exhaustive list you can check out the National Do Not Play list at

1. Rude Boy- Rhihanna    This tops the list because it is the most popular and is easiest to sing along…”Rude Boy can you get it up….is you big enough”  Heard on radio about every 1 1/2 hours.

2.  My Chick Bad -Ludacris

3.  Over- Drake ( a Young Money member and Lil Wayne protege)

4.  Hey Daddy, Daddy’s Home- Usher

5.  Winner- Jamie Fox F/ Justin Timberlake

6.  Roger that-  Young Money    Inspired by Rapper Lil Wayne…this group heads the top ten with 3 entries.  All nasty stuff that should make the faculty freak.  If you add in other Young Money  crony “Drake” that makes almost half the list.

7. Steady Mobbin- Young Money

8.  Not Afraid- Eminem

9.  Lil Freak- Usher

10.  Bedrock- Young Money

To cull out the worst of the worst take a close look at the Rhythmic Top 40 charts at  ( You may have to set up a free account and sign in).  Rhythmic Top 40 is known for playing the edgier, raunchier, rap side of Top 40 and most times it will hit the Rhythmic chart first.

Your additions to the Top 10 are welcome with your comments below.

  1. For those of us that subscribe to outfits like JONES TM, etc, that do a ton of heavy editing, perhaps you can save readers a bit of time by providing a little more detail about these listings as to which part of the song is questionable, whether it’s because of certain vulgarities, cussing, or suggestive innuendo (YES, I believe a little more detail IS provided back at the site)….But if you’re going to attempt to provide important information HERE, it may not be worth the time noting in my case.

    Based upon info provided via this blog (as opposed to back at the site), I wouldn’t want to put a “Do Not Play” or ‘R’ Rating tag on a popular song without knowing whether the version I had was actually acceptable.

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